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Last updated Friday December 15, 2000

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Alan's cat Socks: Sitting on the scanner, outside behind a bush, and looking out a window.

Alan's cat Squeak: Sitting on the scanner, waiting to be let in, hiding in carrier poses 1 and 2

Anna's dog Bruno Dweeb Bloodfang Vitale: Wanting to go for a walk

Cassie's rodent Molly: Playing basketball (just kidding)

Gigi's cat Molly, or Unsinkable Molly Brown Tindall: With her newborn kittens

Gigi's cat Pooh Tindall: Sitting in the doorway

Gigi's cat Shadow Tindall: Sitting in the window, at top of stairs, peering from stairway

Gigi's cat Turtle, or Carmel Turtle Fudge Tindall: With a ball, on the windowsill, in Gigi's lap, meditating with a candle, stalking yard positions 1 and 2, and recovering from fatty liver syndrome being fed by Gigi through a tube.

Gigi's cat Bubba, later Greg's cat named either Hack or Slash, I don't remember which: Just born, calling for mama, calling for mama sized for desktop

Gigi's cat Sissy, later Greg's cat named either Slash or Hack, I don't remember which: Just born poses 1 and 2

Jorie's horse, PMS: With Gigi

Mama's cat Juliet Shutes: Peering over a fence, in the grass