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Last updated Tuesday July 11, 2000

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Here's a picture of my friend Cindy Lowe.

Here's the first picture I ever took of Leslie Childs. This one of me and Leslie was taken in 1989, and here are two shots (1 and 2) from March 2000 with her husband, Clark.

You can have a look at the PG-13 side of my photo archive with these two pictures of Gigi in her Electra outfit; shots 1 and 2. I did the lights. This was all done for the musical Gypsy; Gigi played a stripper named Electra.

And if you don't really believe I could have done the lights for Electra, have a look at this picture of me from 1986.

Here's a picture of Sue Geller and Laurie McLean talking as Gigi imitates a dead bug on the ground.

Some friends... Laurie Marshall and another from Camp Allen, David Fackler (with daughter Joan, I think), Jane Sielken, Pat Harris 1 and 2, Mary Lenn Dixon, Laurie McLean, Shirley Deffenbaugh, and with Gigi 1 and 2, Mary Beth Butler with a funny look and with husband, Scotty Embry at Halloween pics 1 and 2.

Here's one of my all-time favorite shots; Kelly McLean admiring a painting by Amanda Henry; shot at St. Francis. Here is Amanda herself with the painting.

And finally, the archive is breaking into the multimedia world! You can hear the message Cassie left on my answering machine back in Feb 1995 to tell me that Leah (or Lea or Leya or Lia?) had been born. A transcript: "Hi Alan, this is Cassie - we're at the hospital with my mom, and it's a girl, and I guess - [aside] should he come down when he gets home? [Dan] Come on down! [Cassie] And you can come down to the hospital when you get home. Thank you, bye". Shortly after this message I went by the hospital and took this picture of Leah, then later I went by their house and no one was home but Bruno who was wondering if he'd been totally forgotten, so I took this picture of him and took him for a walk.

Finally, here's a copy of a beta test version of my Jellybean image view program. It runs on Windows 9x and NT platforms. Just download the .exe and run it to install. Email me if you have any trouble.