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Last updated Tuesday March 06, 2001

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Gigi's personal home page is here, and her work home page is here. Her personal site has such an enormous collection of links that there isn't any point in this site competing with it.

If you feel like giving free food to hungry people and would like to do it in less than fifteen seconds, go to the hunger site.

Don't miss the site of Boy Kicks Girl, where you can hear the music played by the fellow featured in weekly family picture number 24.

Those of you who know Mary Beth Butler might like to see her site.

The Lost and Found Sound project is the most totally cool thing I've heard of in a long time; you can find it here. Don't miss the recording of a scuba diver in a helium decompression chamber (as in sounds-like-Mickey-mouse) talking to president Lyndon Johnson (see the past stories, October 15, 1999).

For a truly strange time, visit Spanky's World. If you pass the test there, you can get a shiny new banner like mine!

And of course everyone should visit the Weekly Family Picture Archive Site.