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Last updated Sunday February 04, 2001

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New! Improved! Now with thumbnails!

Here's an orchid and a window and trees outside.

C235_01A_Med.JPG (86870 bytes)

Strange photos of oncoming traffic taken at night: Photo 1 and 2.

C256_19A_Med_Crop.JPG (76834 bytes) and C256_24A_Med.JPG (144351 bytes)

Here's a nice flower image sized for desktop use, and here it is in four different artsy modifications: 1, 2, 3, and 4.

C236_16_Desk.JPG (132642 bytes) C236_16_Desk_Art1.JPG (154338 bytes) C236_16_Desk_Art2.JPG (136427 bytes) C236_16_Desk_Art3.JPG (176522 bytes) C236_16_Desk_Art4.JPG (378153 bytes)

Here are some interesting Christmas light blurs.... 1, 2, and 3.

C016_06_Med.JPG (192079 bytes) C016_08_Med.JPG (174643 bytes) C016_17_Med.JPG (189878 bytes)

Here's a picture Gigi is particularly fond of.

C075_02_Med.JPG (79540 bytes)

Back in January 1987 I wandered around town one day and took pictures. Here's the view out my window, a look at the sunset, a reflection off a pond, the railroad track, a rose from the back yard, and some clothes pins.

R031_01_Med.jpg (50715 bytes) R031_09_Med.jpg (45616 bytes) R031_13_Med.jpg (82939 bytes) R031_20_Med.jpg (67760 bytes) R031_34_Med.jpg (63862 bytes) R031_35_Med.jpg (55703 bytes)

And more strange lights... 1 and 2.

C012_19_Med.JPG (160274 bytes) C012_22_Med_Crop.JPG (87363 bytes)

Here's my feet in a soda straw at Schliderbahn.

C050_18_Med.JPG (83597 bytes)

Here's a painting I did that Gigi is fond of.

P007_07_Desk.JPG (143980 bytes)