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Last updated Sunday February 04, 2001

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New! Improved! Now with thumbnails!

Yep, I figured out how to use the FrontPage auto thumbnail feature, and here they are. And for those of you with slower modems, I should add 'New! Improved! It's Slower!'. FrontPage says 98 seconds (ouch!) with a 28.8 modem. But you can still use the links while the thumbnails are loading, so it isn't a total disaster.



Number Date Taken Thumbnail Description
68 Aug-99 R265_11_Med.JPG (127753 bytes) Gigi looking up at the redwoods in Eureka
67 May-94 C058_22_Med.JPG (65191 bytes) Daddy at Elizabeth's first birthday party
66 Dec-88 C016_31_Med.JPG (83460 bytes) Anna at the Leona apartment
65 Nov-70 O009_10_Med.JPG (114972 bytes) Alan and Aggie in the back yard
64 Aug-85 C009_00_Med.JPG (86777 bytes) Sandra in the woods
63 Dec-93 C053_17_Med.JPG (73496 bytes) Robert Shutes in Anna's front yard
62 Sep-90 C020_19_Med.JPG (119592 bytes) Evan snorkeling at Wimberley
61 Sep-99 C294_06_Med.JPG (100306 bytes) Elizabeth in rocking chair at St Francis
60 Feb-99 C234_07_Med.JPG (86220 bytes) Yvonne at Leah's birthday party (Anna's house)
59 Jun-86 R018_14_Med.jpg (85975 bytes) Daddy and Cassie at Anna's house
58 Sep-68 O003_14_Med.jpg (117720 bytes) Janet Fanguy and Anna at Munson front yard
57 Nov-98 C227_11_Med.jpg (86482 bytes) Coltin held by barely visible Tina
56 Sep-99 C291_16_Med.jpg (96246 bytes) Alan at Bee Creek in fisheye (shot by Gigi)
55 Mar-68 O005_04_Med.jpg (92450 bytes) Evan with his birthday cake
54 Jul-99 C274_01A_Med.jpg (78724 bytes) Tara and Jorie, posed shot after wedding. If you want to see what the negative scanner is capable of, have a look at the huge version of this scan. It's a 3 megabyte image, so it will take a while to load.
53 Dec-1897 O051_005_Med_Crop.jpg (66405 bytes) William and Beatrice 'Mama B' - Wedding picture
52 Jul-85 C007_07_Med.jpg (67156 bytes) Gary and Cassie at grandparent's house
51 Feb-95 C074_16_Med.jpg (52749 bytes) Leah four hours old. A few hours before this picture was taken, Cassie called and left a message on my answering machine. I saved the tape, and now you can hear the message yourself.
50 Jan-72 O013_01_Med.jpg (58482 bytes) Gigi in her painter's smock
49 Sep-94 C062_10_Med.jpg (95320 bytes) Charles Bryant at football game
48 Dec-47 O012_06_Med.jpg (146970 bytes) Mama with bike in Witchita Falls
47 May-92 c035_26a_med.jpg (99563 bytes) Robert and Dan at Robert's house
46 Aug-98 C199_02A_Med.jpg (82912 bytes) Clint Heophner at Evan's rehearsal dinner
45 Jul-86 C014_16_Med.jpg (67548 bytes) Ruth and Colby descending from the tower at Daddy's land
44 Dec-99 C306_12_Med.jpg (85773 bytes) Leah in Anna's back yard
43 Dec-99 C306_07_Med.jpg (76745 bytes) Elizabeth in Anna's back yard
42 Sep-99 C290_02_Med.jpg (83273 bytes) Linda Vitale at Bee Creek
41 Sep-99 C290_05_Med.jpg (77944 bytes) Charles Vitale at Bee Creek
40 Aug-85 C010_10A_Med.jpg (78141 bytes) Evan, Anna, and Alan at Anna's house
39 Sep-91 C025_04_Med.jpg (60414 bytes) Amanda Pittman at Robert's house
38 Sep-99 C290_23_Med.jpg (96645 bytes) Nancy at Cassie's bday at Bee Creek
37 Aug-98 C198_22_Crop_Med.jpg (106845 bytes) Tina and Kristi talking at Evan's rehearsal dinner
36 Jul-99 C267_17A_Med.jpg (150767 bytes) Gigi and Jorie's horse at Jorie's ranch
35 Nov-98 C227_10_Med.jpg (75100 bytes) Yvonne at mama's house
34 Sep-99 C294_03_Med.jpg (84341 bytes) Chaz, Linda and Dan at St Francis
33 Aug-98 C199_15A_Med.jpg (77570 bytes) Scott and Karen at St Francis.
32 Sep-99 C290_04_Med.jpg (94428 bytes) Sandra Bryant at Bee Creek
31 Sep-99 C291_05_Med.jpg (87250 bytes) Cassie at Bee Creek at her bday party. Cassie is planning on getting colored contacts, so I tried her out with eyes of blue, purple, green, and glowing red laserbeams.
30 Jul-99 C264_12A_Med.jpg (94843 bytes) Jill at Tara's wedding rehersal
29 Jul-99 C264_11A_Med.jpg (96656 bytes) Jeanne Shutes at Tara's wedding rehearsal
28 Jul-99 C266_18_Med.jpg (70893 bytes) Paloma Shutes at Tara's rehearsal dinner
27 Jul-99 C272_04_Med.jpg (67750 bytes) Tara and Jorie in the car waiting for the wedding
26 Jul-99 C266_21_Med.jpg (111312 bytes) Elizabeth Shutes at Tara's wedding: Looking into distance
25 Jul-99 C281_21_Med.jpg (66443 bytes) Chris Shutes at the wedding
24 Jul-99 C275_11_Med_Crop.jpg (82794 bytes) Kevin and Tara kissing after the wedding
23 Jul-99 C283_01A_Med.jpg (137973 bytes) Evan and Yvonne from behind at Jorie's ranch. You can see the unretouched version here.
22 Sep-97 C152_02_Med.jpg (70949 bytes) Elizabeth and Leah being sisterly in Mama's front yard
21 Sep-91 C025_13_Med.jpg (95921 bytes) Tara Brundy at Robert's house
20 Mar-96 C089_14A_Med.jpg (92887 bytes) Robert and Jorie at Anna's house
19 Jun-99 C255_12_Med.jpg (178539 bytes) Evan standing in garden at his new house in Austin
18 Apr-85 C002_06A_Med.jpg (71769 bytes) Nancy holding Cassie at the Guernsey house
17 Feb-99 C233_07_Med.jpg (161117 bytes) Charles practicing baseball in Anna's back yard
16 Mar-89 B041_06_Med.jpg (127940 bytes) Daddy in the radio room
15 Feb-99 C234_14_Med.jpg (96846 bytes) Anna and Dan at Leah's birthday party
14 May-99 C251_14_Med.jpg (100083 bytes) Gigi playing Anytime Annie in 42nd Street
13 May-99 C248_02_Med.jpg (87806 bytes) Cassie sitting at the Pops concert
12 May-99 C248_12_Med.jpg (110316 bytes) Leah and Elizabeth playing in the lake
11 Jul-69 O006_06_Med.jpg (166097 bytes) Evan and Anna with Easter baskets
10 Nov-68 O004_14_Med.jpg (122600 bytes) Mama holding me
9 Jul-69 O006_17_Med.jpg (131338 bytes) Alan playing in a mud puddle
8 Jul-85 C006_11_Med.jpg (134173 bytes) Charles sitting at a garden at A&M
7 Feb-99 C234_04_Med.jpg (120106 bytes) Mama at Anna's house
6 May-99 C235_23A_Med.jpg (122728 bytes) Gigi Tindall with green background
5 May-95 C086_20_Med.jpg (167407 bytes) Elizabeth Vitale showing me a flower
4 Apr-96 C093_02_Med.jpg (118632 bytes) Charles swinging on a rope
3 Jan-99 C229_10A_Med_Crop.jpg (99622 bytes) Evan and Yvonne seated on a bench with Leah between
2 Apr-85 C002_08A_Med.jpg (106347 bytes) Anna and Cassie at the dinner table at Guernesy
1 Feb-99 C233_20_Med.jpg (98544 bytes) Leah on swing in back yard