Amber's Going-Away Party

Last updated Tuesday February 06, 2001

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Pictures from Amber's going-away party at Garcia's, February 3, 2001. These were taken with my new digital camera.

Thumbnail Description
I007_001_Med.JPG (71410 bytes) Amber and Gigi
I007_002_Med.JPG (95036 bytes) Amber, Gigi and Charles Manson
I007_003_Med.JPG (86334 bytes) Amber and Sarah
I007_004_Med.JPG (82952 bytes) Justin, Jessica and Amber
I007_005_Med.JPG (87563 bytes) Amanda and Sarah
I007_006_Med.JPG (67092 bytes) Chris, Amber and Jennifer
I007_007_Med.JPG (65934 bytes) Robert, Amber and semi-headless James (sorry about that, James)
I007_008_Med.JPG (66627 bytes) And the final we-love-Amberfest with Gigi, Amber and Alan