If you're fascinated by stories of newbies calling tech support, try TechTales, a collection of (they claim true) stories gathered from technical support personnel worldwide. Note the 'Any Key' story is not here. They apparently thought that one had made the rounds too many times already.

Anyone claiming to be a hacker should take the Hacker Test. Questions include:

      Did you ever change the value of 4? ... Unintentionally?  ... In a language other than Fortran?
      Do you know what ASCII stands for? ... How about EBCDIC?
      Have you ever taken a Turing test? ... Did you fail?
      Have you ever starved while dining with philosophers?
      Is your job secure? ... Do you have code to prove it?

Great stuff. I scored 196. Keep in mind, however, that one of the questions I answered Yes was 'Have you ever tried to improve your score on the Hacker Test?'

Dilbert fans will love the Dilbert Zone.

Finally, everyone should visit Alan's Homepage.