As some of you may have realized, home.alanpics.com has been experiencing technical difficulties this past week. This is due to a hacker defacing the site and deleting the documents.

Because the software used to generate home.alanpics.com is old and no longer maintained, it isn't practical to repair the security problems. Instead, I'm moving forward with a new site that will replace the old home. I'm currently investigating content management systems to determine which best meets my needs.

The old website has been moved to archive.alanpics.com, and this will be its permanent resting place. I don't expect the archive site to be updated in the future. This version of the site is static HTML, which means some site features, notably the search, no longer function. However all the images should be present.

The much older websites are still here too: The Xoom site, with the weekly family picture archive, can be found here. The yet older TXCyber site from 1997 can be found here. Both of these old sites have bad links and long out of date contact information. I include them because some might think them interesting.